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Odomankoma-kyerema Kwamena Pra and his son Frank Konina Prah are dedicated to the traditional music and dance of the Fantes Communities.

TWERAMMPON TRADITIONALS is an artistic group that embraces all forms of arts including painting, but mostly music in various forms.

The group was formed when the artistic director, Odomankoma-kyerema Kwamena Pra, saw the downward trend of arts in Ghana (and Africa as a whole) due to Western influence. Kwamena Pra was the name given to him at birth in 1959 at Cape Coast, but his drumming and dancing career which started from age three to fifteen, gave him the first title, Okyerema Kwamena Pra. His skills were deepened and at age forty, elders who know and understand spiritual sound symbols added the last title for him to become Odomankoma-Kyerema Kwamena Pra, because he is able to contact the spirits on drums.

Building the group also made it possible to assist needy youth from Cape Coast who have the interest of music at heart. The group gives the youth formal and informal education by sending them to school or to an apprenticeship besides equipping them with artistic skills. Thus they can help to preserve and promote traditional arts and they can eventually sustain themselves in the music industry.



Apatampa is most prerformed by Fantes Communities in Ghana.

The saying is that it had been created for women as a couple. Apatampa started as an ensemble played by only women. Males joyned to play.

The purpose of Apatampo is to fulfill their recreational needs as well as to entertain themselves.


Thanks to his choreografic talent as art teacher Ike and the APATAMPA Group - Dua wusuu - could already three times convince in traditional competitions.


Sona Jobarteh

The first and only Cora player worldwide


Sona is one of the most impressive woman my hero. I luckily could enjoy in Hamburg at her evening concert in the Elbphilharmonie on May 21 st 2023

With founding in 2015 her Gambia Academy Sona set the first institution in Gambia offering unprecedented educational and development opp

Healthy food for a healthy lifestyle. We use fresh fish and locally grown vegetables in Gambian dishes like domoda, benachin, caldou and yassa – reducing salt and oil makes them healthier and helps us when we dance, run and play