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We support institutions in the healthcare sector in their search for highly qualified and committed professionals from Ghana.

A thorough selection process guarantees the screening of committed, highly motivated and talented nurses. We train them intensively on site in Ghana.



We prefer learning methods that stimulate all the senses and don't think much of dry questioning methods based on book knowledge with outdated pedagogical concepts. A tedious way to prepare for quite demanding B2 exams.

With our own visionary pedagogical learning concepts and state-of-the-art learning didactics, we cater to the different individual learning types. A novelty even in Germany.

Specially developed training modules ensure specialised medical German language skills so that there are no health-threatening communication and comprehension problems in everyday hospital life. We will meet the requirements of German healthcare organisations in every respect.

As experienced doctors with many years of professional experience in Germany and Ghana, we know the real day-to-day work in clinics and on wards.


Our clients value people and their selfless commitment to healthcare.  Here in particular, the ability to show human kindness plays a very important role in supporting the healing process of patients. A win-win situation for everyone involved.

Visa and documentation

We support the smooth and efficient processing of visas, work permits and related documents. This is essential for a smooth recruitment process.

Cultural integration

In order to ensure not only professional but also cultural integration, appropriate preparatory courses are organised on site in Ghana. These are then intensified by mentors in Germany. Joint activities such as cooking, visits to exhibitions, pubs and concerts, and sporting events contribute to getting to know each other personally and to mutual appreciation. This also ensures a more relaxed and smooth transition when starting work. This also ensures a more relaxed and smooth transition to work.



For every nursing staff member taken on, the training of a new Ghanaian nursing staff member is supported. The nurses working in Germany undertake to inform the nursing students about the latest developments in Germany.


In itself a matter of course. First launched in 2021 and already put on ice again. Because follow-up funding is not guaranteed.



Beware of immoral offers and barely fulfilable sham contracts
that promise the blue sky.

However, the small print contains exit clauses that can cost
the contracting parties a further 15,000 euros.